8 Ways to Communicate with your Guardian Angels | Manifesting Spirit Guidance

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Most of us have heard of Guardian Angels. However, we probably relate them to the stuff of fairy tales or religion. We maybe we remember being told stories about them as kids.What if you knew that you had your very own guardian angel assigned to you before you were born? A guardian angel is like a sort of spiritual, divine life coach. It takes an active interest in your life and ensuring you navigate your experience on earth to the best of your ability.Our guardian angels act as protectors and nurturers. They follow us as we go about our lives and making sure that we are on track and living our highest good.The angels are quietly intervening when necessary, fulfilling what they need to do to assist us. Angels are not limited to one faith and anyone of any religion or spiritual belief. It can tune into the energy of the angels, should they wish to.There have been many stories throughout the time of divine intervention, moments where at a crucial moment in their lives. People report the appearance of strangers, who magically seem to provide help.Leading them to safety and then promptly disappearing. Might these be angels appearing to us briefly in our hour of need?A key part of understanding angelic guidance is to connect with the angels and spirit guides that surround us purposefully.They are willing to support you; all you have to do is ask. We live in a world of free will, so you do have to make your desire for their support known. Ways that you can use to open the channels of communication between you and your Angel...

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3 Life-Changing Energy Cleansing Practices

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We are all made up of energies and we have our unique vibrations. Everything in this world is in a constant state of radiating and receiving energy. You’re probably curious to know what frequency you’re vibrating at… You can sense energies in colors, sounds, or just by knowing. Since we everybody move around with energies, we also carry with us unnecessary ones. These are heavy ones that we carry around with us that we need to discard. Clearing out these unnecessary energies will make you feel too good. You will experience a sense of lightness and focus, and you will notice a decrease in your anxiety levels. It is also possible to experience deep peace.

Here are some energy-clearing practices that will make more room for positive energies into your body..Click on the link below to Read More.

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Liberate Yourself From Old Habits

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It’s not the actual New Year yet, but in a way, September heralds the start of the year differently.I have always found it to be the perfect time not only to dedicate myself towards my goals and dreams but also to consider what I no longer wish to tolerate in my life. When I sit down to write my wish lists and consider what I want to manifest more of, I inevitably end up clarifying what I want to let go of as well, such as habits, tendencies, and thinking patterns that don’t serve me.I have found that with age comes certain confidence to let go of things I used to think were important. These are things like caring too much about what other people think, or making excuses because I was afraid to say no to something I didn’t want to do. I spent many years worried about pleasing everyone, and I often succumb to anxiety when I’m not able to do them.

It took wisdom, many life experience, sometime repeated, and significant events to liberate me from those negative tendencies. The good news is that you don’t have to wait to grow old to gain that wisdom. If you want to be wiser, all it takes is an awareness of yourself and a willingness to make changes.

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6 Inspired Actions To Take For Better Manifestation

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I want to talk about one of the key components of manifestation that sometimes gets overlooked – inspired action. While I agree that the universe is an exceptionally magical place, you can’t just sit around and wait for magic to fall into your lap. You still have to chase your goals and dreams, taking inspired action towards making your intentions happen. You have to guide your energy in the direction of all those things you wish to manifest. If you don’t take action, you are not letting energy flow towards your desired outcome. The universe loves energy flow, positive action, excitement, enthusiasm, gratitude, and new ideas. It responds to movement and intention with inspired action.So how do you know what action to take?

When you get clear on your intentions and desires, you also need to get clear on the proactive steps you can take towards making them happen.Manifestations happen every day but we have to work with the Universe too! I believe that conscious manifestation requires some deep personal reflection.

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Actions that matter: The biggest problem we had with books like The Secret was that all you had to do was think positively to see results. This Pollyanna approach to manifesting wealth or anything in life sounds good, but rarely works. Manifestation magic requires you to listen to the audios. This is work. It’s not hard work – but it’s necessary work.Builds a strong foundation: 

The reason why Manifestation Magic works and has positive testimonials is because of the science behind it. You're gently taken from a place of lack to a place of abundance. This is crucial.The reason it helps you with your health is because it creates thought patterns within your mind where you are more focused and stick to your goals. 

The expertly designed sonic landscape in the audios will induce a state of calm attention where you don’t lose focus and renege on the promises you made to yourself. 

Manifestation Magic is not only about wealth. It fixes the underlying and fundamental issues in your thinking that is sabotaging every aspect of your life in one way or another. It helps you to get healthy and stay healthy .

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